Office Box Files

Office Box Files used for saving and Storing important documents for future use.

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  • Lever Arch Box Files

    Lever Arch Box Files

    A must in all offices to store all the important documents and helping them to save space and arrange it in the shelves. Special Lever is fixed for holding and removing the paper from the file.

  • Colored PVC Coated Box...

    Colored Box File used in offices for Differentiation of files of categories and Departments available in variant Colors

  • Presentation Ring Binders

    Presentation Ring Binders are designed for elegant look and easy to personalize with your company logo and information available in White color and other colors are available upon order.

     Following Models are Available

    • 2 Ring Binders
    • 3 Ring Binders
    • 4 Ring Binders 
  • Rigid Box Files
  • Box Files
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اظهار 1 - 3 من 3 العناصر